What’s a Pixelated IPA?

What’s the deal with all of these pixelated IPAs we’re talking about? Well, they’re our take on the New England IPA, the beer trend that is taking Pittsburgh by storm. We don’t cut corners with these beers, they’re juicy, delicious in-your-face hop attack. So far we have released two beers in our New England IPA Pixelated Beer series. Oh yeah, we forgot to tell you that they all have a gaming theme can you figure out what each name means? The challenge is up to you…

The first Pixelated beer in our series is called Jumpman IPA. Easily the hoppiest beer we have ever brewed; this beer is low on bitterness, high on intense citrus hoppiness, and extremely pixelated.


Next up came Down the Pipe or DTP!



Coming to your taste buds soon…sweet, sweet DIPA Pauline…