Closed 1/4-1/5

We at ShuBrew always want to be able to provide our customers with a variety of quality beers to enjoy while visiting our pub. The support you all have given us is above and beyond what we ever could have expected, and due to this we will be expanding our brewhouse to better support our ability to have more variety and quantity of beer at all times.

This weekend we will be installing two new fermenters and will need to close the restaurant for two days in order to install them and in turn fill them. We understand that this is an inconvenience to many of you who expect us to be there for you, and we promise we are working around the clock in order to make sure we not only have the beer on hand to support the days we are already open, but also to expand our hours even more.

We will be open on Thursday, January 2nd and Friday, January 3rd. We will be closed on Saturday, January 4th and Sunday, January 5th.

Thank you all for your patronage and we are excited to provide you with some very exciting new beers in the short term future.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

– Zach & Erika